WOLFMANGLER 'Dwelling In a Dead Raven...' CD

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Jewel case with booklet. Smolken of DEAD RAVEN CHOIR returns with 6 forest dirges. Perhaps even more lumbering and grim than the acclaimed split with MOSS? 

'Dwelling in a Dead Raven for the Glory of Crucified Wolves' "follows the chamber doom quartet lineage of their previous releases, the bass/bass/double bass here being augmented by what sounds like a flute and maybe a French horn. And a big drum. The drum and flute give songs...an almost Korean court music feel, but the French horn pulls the soupy bass throb closer to Noggin The Nog territory. There's also a kind of Ray Harryhausen feel, something reminescent of the awakening of a plasticine dragon or the approach of clunkily animated skeletons holding swords, maybe one skelly has one of those spiky ball and chain thingies. If you could sonically render the effect of heavy rags being hypnotically stirred into a cauldron of molten pitch with a severed antler this is the sound you would get. " - PLAN B magazine.