SCYTHLING 'Smokefall' CD

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Four panel CD digipack with clear tray. Photography of a Japanese graveyard by the band.

Scythling began with improvised sessions by Aidan Baker (Nadja, Whisper Room, Infinite Light Ltd.) & Josh Rothenberger (Bloody Panda) recorded live-in-studio in Brooklyn, NY in February 2008. The resultant material was subsequently re-worked and -shaped into the three tracks featured on 'Smokefall', including independent contributions from various guest musicians. 

The resultant album combines elements of both Baker's and Rothenberger's respective bands to create something new, a mixture of heavy drones and spacious ambient, creeping darkness and eerie light. The additional textures brought to the table, such as the vocals of Rebecca Fasanello and the hammered dulcimer of Michael Tamburo, further elevate the release into transcendent realms. Released June 2012

"Blooming heavy atmospheric doom sludge improvisations from Aidan Baker and Josh Rothenberger ...'Smokefall' revolves around three lengthy pieces sweeping between ultra-slow doom crushers to plangent ambient and darkly psychedelic folk and black metal atmospheres. An impressive album, one to really get lost in. For fans of Ocean, Æthenor, Nadja." -Boomkat