33rpm, clear vinyl, single-sided LP in semi opaque vellum sleeve with artwork by notorious tattoo artist Simon Erl. Final copies.

Pyramids are a somewhat enigmatic outfit from California, a fluctuating band of musical adventurers who explore new territory with every release. Unconstrained by the dogma of genre, Pyramids sometimes approach musical projects in an almost curatorial way, adding and subtracting styles, sounds and guest musicians on an ad hoc basis. 

'Magpie & Raven' sees Pyramids at their most sprawling and with moments of ultimate bombast. With piano provided by Clay Ruby (Burial Hex) as an integral part, the 25 minute plus track weaves around this motif with massive guitars and a spoken word performance that is truly epic before everything dissolves in a maelstrom of organic noise as Wraiths eviscerate the previous musical section to its very atomic particles before all comes together again and the track ends with a sense of calm conclusion.


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