Edition of 200 black/white label vinyl LP, full colour folder sleeve in heavy PVC outer with download code. Cut at The Carvery, East London.

Sleeve has picture front, rear flap with release details. LP is black label on side A, white label on side B, hand numbered. Digital available on our Bandcamp

Orphan Swords see the reissue of their “License To Desire” LP on limited edition vinyl on Aurora Borealis on May 15th. The Belgian duo bring a heady, fog shrouded sonic maelstrom to the label, perfect for the post-truth era. 

What sort of music is this? What genre do we file it under? Hard to say. It sounds like a record that Aurora Borealis should release. There’s chaos, there’s unhallowed chanting, there’s some fierce rhythm and there’s undeniably some abuse of electronic equipment. 
We’ll leave the definitions up to the listener, but with titles referencing demons of the Goetia and the world’s oldest profession we’ll let the good times roll. 

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