Limited cassette. Pro-printed J card, pro-dubbed. Clear cassette body. Limited to 50.  In stock and shipping now. 

Available to purchase from our Bandcamp site.

Joseph Quimby Jr is a composer and sound artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. ‘Variation’ deals with themes of memory, loss, isolation, and place, mixing electronics with modern classical elements. It’s a deeply thoughtful work, radiating a shimmering beauty. ‘Variation’ exudes a stately melancholy, entwined with a graceful sense of acceptance and eventual comfort. 

‘Variation’ was composed as part of a larger film work which focuses on Quimby’s childhood. In the early 90’s Quimby lived on the U.S. Naval Base Keflavik in Iceland, and the sense of place is clearly heard in the record. Sweeping barren landscapes, interminable snows and the artificiality of normal life on the base all find voice on ‘Variation’. 

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