180grm black vinyl LP.
Legend of underground music Jarboe joins forces with visionary cellist Helen Money (aka Alison Chesley) to create what is probably the most beautiful release in the label's history. While still a "heavy" record in many ways, Chesley's cello looming massive and distorted over much of the proceedings, there are moments of transcendent beauty with Jarboe's ethereal vocal and piano work soaring above the drones, reaching for the beyond. 

Working together and separately on the compositions, the album comes together as a seamless whole under the mastering of Kris Force, with moments of sparse beauty mirrored by howling squawls of intensity. This is a very human record, organic, the voice of Jarboe and the many textured strings of Chesley's cello combining with an earthy depth but reaching for the stars. 

Released as a black vinyl LP and 4 panel digifile to coincide with their European tour. Catalogue number ABX063. 

- Jarboe is a famed vocalist, musician and performer, who came to prominence as co-front and co-writer in The Swans. In addition to her X solo albums, she has notably worked with Neurosis as well as many other legends such as Blixa Bargeld. 

- Helen Money is the nomme de guerre of cellist Alison Chesley. In addition to working with Mono, Anthrax and Russian Circles, she has toured with Joe Lally and Shellac among others, and released her third album 'Arriving Angels' on respected metal label Profound Lore in 2013.
Released March 2, 2015
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