Gloriously horrendous LP version with printed inner bag. High production quality is matched by the paucity of images and murky feelings imparted by blurred photography.

Transparent "smoke" vinyl. Final copies!

Recorded in Poland on cheap and archaic Soviet Bloc technology, 'My Firstborn Will Surely Be Blind' sees DEAD RAVEN CHOIR in full throttle audio assault with total disregard for all conventions of audio fidelity. Great songs of the 20th Century by artists as diverse as Townes Van Zandt, Richard Thompson and Cole Porter are torn limb from limb and dragged through Smolken's forest home. Though curiously upbeat in parts, the general atmosphere is very bleak.

"A ghostly fog. A hollow sonic death rattle: Doom with pneumonia" - THE WIRE

"A fusion of folk and country song templates and trebly, bass-deprived black metal sounds... Triumphant" - Boomkat

Dead Raven Choir was Smolken's follow up project after WOLFMANGLER. Harrowing. 

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