:MYSTERIUM LUNAE: - The Genesis Of The Project

:MYSTERIUM LUNAE: - The Genesis Of The Project

Posted by Andrew Hartwell on 28th Aug 2019

I am really proud of the way ‘Mysterium Lunae’ came out. It was conceived of as a synthesis of the written word and music, with both elements essential to the response to the topic.

As such, I’d like to share a little more about the genesis of the project.

In a visit to the best second-hand book shop in Cumbria (possibly the UK?), I stumbled across a book about the moon landings entitled ‘The Invasion of The Moon 1969’. I’d never considered these events in that light, as an invasion, and it really started me thinking. The idea of this huge event being an invasion struck a chord with me, bringing to mind the conquest of the Americas and similar historical events that were until recently generally regarded as triumphs, but are now often seen in terms of what was lost. The book itself was more concerned with the logistics and planning, seeing the Apollo 11 mission as being planned like a military exercise. It was without any mystical ideas of the moon, or indeed any moral considerations.

I also really liked the idea of the ‘book revelation’, a topic that has always been a reality for me, and which I’d also recently read about in the excellent ‘American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology’ by D.W Pasulka (which I cannot recommend enough - mindblowing!). Books have always been integral to all that AB does. Sometimes a book just happens to put itself in front of you at a key time. Well, that…

So, an idea started to germinate. Usually these things come to life while I’m cycling: there’s something about the repetition of the physical activity that opens up the mental faculties, allowing new ideas to rise to the surface. This was another example of this phenomenon. With a selection of artists in mind, I composed an invitation. After further consideration, and a certain amount of sitting with the concept, I emailed my wishlist of artists with the following:

“The invasion of the moon saw the missionaries of science, rationalism and Christian notions of progress conquer the last great vestige of mysticism. The final desecration of something truly ‘beyond’.

The pace of technological change since the moon landings has been exponential and is proving to be at least as harmful as it is beneficial to humanity and our world, both physically and spiritually. Much of humanity is now almost entirely divorced from nature, from any sense of our ancient history, of mystical connection to the cosmos. As such, I had the idea of creating a memorial for the moon landings, a requiem for the invasion of the moon.

Fifty years on from this momentous event, I’d like to invite you to participate in this project, to create a requiem for the invasion of the moon.”

Cody Dickerson rapidly became a central figure in the project. I’d previously enjoyed his book ‘The Language Of The Corpse’ (Three Hands Press), and was further intrigued when he purchased some music from the label. His work as a blacksmith brought yet more possibilities. It’s always interesting how things pan out. A small amount of digging, and a network of hidden connections soon came into view. It’s funny how interconnected we all can be sometimes.

Kevin Yan Guen of Sutekh Hexen also deserves special mention here: I knew he’d come up with something brilliant, something unusual and unexpected, and indeed he did, with his multiple artworks which grace the book. Similarly, the Sutekh Hexen submission was both wholly unexpected and as expected: you never know what you’ll get with this entity, but you know it will be something other than what you might predict, and I love that.

Enormous thanks are due to all of the excellent artists who participated in this project. Your work was stellar, and your engagement with the concept was heartfelt. Thank you for making it such a triumph.

I hope you enjoy ‘Mysterium Lunae’. It’s certainly been the most in depth AB project/release to date, and in many ways the most reflective of my thoughts and interests. Thanks for your engagement and support.