MEMNON SA 'Lemurian Dawn' LP/CD/digital

MEMNON SA 'Lemurian Dawn' LP/CD/digital

6th Sep 2018

Memnon Sa return with ‘Lemurian Dawn’, a cosmic journey through space, time and myth. Black ops missions witness the binary sunrise on a forgotten world. Pan dimensional spacecraft hover over ancient pyramids on worlds undreamed of.

The guitar driven doom metal sound of the acclaimed debut ‘Citadel’ has been replaced here by a myriad of analog synthesisers, ancient world instruments, throat singing and strings. ‘Lemurian Dawn’ channels New Age meditational works, film soundtracks and cosmic jazz from the 70s and 80s. The result could be the soundtrack to a lost 1970’s European animation sci-fi film, warm analogue sounds that hint at cosmic foreboding and sinister forces unseen.

The album was recorded over a month and a half at Misha Hering’s Holy Mountain Studios in Hackney, London, and mixed using almost exclusively analog equipment to 1/2 inch tape.

It was mastered by legendary mastering engineer Dave Cooley at Elysium Masters in LA.

Memnon Sa ‘Lemurian Dawn’ is available now on limited edition silver vinyl, CD and digital formats.