IlSantoBevitore  'Realm Of Consciousness' tape/digital

IlSantoBevitore 'Realm Of Consciousness' tape/digital

9th Nov 2018

Inspired by ancient rites and practices, IlSantoBevitore continues his ethnomusicological research on ethnic electronics. ‘Realm of Consciousness’ explores the theme of percussions and shamanism, the connections between each other, using repetition codes as a key to hypnotise and entrance the listener. This work aims to blur the distance between practitioner and listener. 

The working sound palette is a mixture of blackened tribal, ritualistic percussions, raw beats, lo-fi noise and hypnotic vocal ceremonials. The album features London-based healing practitioner and musician trained in shamanic practice, Lani Rocillo, on shamanic drum and vocals.

IlSantoBevitore is the project of Sardinian drummer and percussionist Nicola Serra. 

"Realm of Consciousness' is the result of research I did into the ethnomusicological field of ancient rites and practices, which inspired IlSantoBevitore works both conceptually and sonically.

The theme of the record is the connection between percussions and shamanism, using repetition codes as a key to hypnotise and "trance" the listener, trying to sonically recreate one of those fascinating practices."

"Being a percussionist I have always been fascinated by the different uses of percussions in music and life in general. Repetition is one of the universal rules performed in rituals and shamanism, and it's also my personal musical approach to composition.

I knew London-based artist, Lani Rocillo since I invited her to perform at one of my Ritualtronics events, last year. I invited her to record some vocals and shamanic drums as she's a musician trained in shamanic practice. I thought she perfectly fit into the record concept for her soul energy and her experience into these practices."

'Realm Of Consiousness' releases November 16, 2018 on limited tape and digital formats.

Artist hoto by Matteo Favero