FERMATA 'Salvaged Space'  abx071 tape/digital  abx071 available now

FERMATA 'Salvaged Space' abx071 tape/digital abx071 available now

6th Sep 2018


Aurora Borealis proudly presents the debut album from Fermata. Titled ‘Salvaged Space’, the album is constructed entirely out of phone and handheld recordings of quiet moments, street performers, instrumental improvisations, and noise pollution; ‘Salvaged Space’ is a document of the last few years that Fermata has spent experimenting with different methods of arrangement and composition.

"I aimed to prevent myself from overthinking the musical material, instead focusing on shaping and warping sound so that it shared the same alive/imperfect nature of the recorded soundscapes each piece is inspired by.” 

Fermata is the project of Harry Smith, highly complex, accomplished and nuanced for such a young artist. Embracing the full spectrum of electronic music, field recordings and sound design, ‘Salvaged Space’ is a deeply rewarding listen with a strong feel of the different geographies involved, giving a sense of linear and temporal travel.

‘Salvaged Space’ is now available as a limited tape and digital formats.

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