'Death Of The Bull' reviewed at Astral Noize

'Death Of The Bull' reviewed at Astral Noize

29th Mar 2019

Nice review of 'Death Of The Bull' by Darja Kazimira & Dagmar Gertot over at Astral Noize:

"The album’s eleven tracks comprise a enthralling journey that feels like you’re unlocking long stored historical practices – it’s easy to see why label Aurora Borealis has hailed this release their “most challenging to date”, as the concept is as esoteric as it is dense.

What initially draws you in is the vocals. Front and centre for the majority of the album, they showcase a plethora of ethnic vocal traditions and practices that layer and jostle for a position as the primary sound, creating an intense tribal landscape that envelops you and forces you to listen almost against your will. This, coupled with the heavy addition of various horns off in the distance, means you are overcome with a sense of foreboding and malaise, with the album creating new mythical worlds in your head throughout this intense pilgrimage."

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