BLACK MOUNTAIN TRANSMITTER 'Black Goat Of The Woods' limited LP edition

An ode to the Lovecraftian lore of Shub Niggurath, Black Mountain Transmitter's 'Black Goat of the Woods' was conceived as "the soundtrack from some lost low budget horror movie, rediscovered on an old and faded VHS cassette found mouldering in a deserted house in the depths of the woods". Now, finally, this masterpiece of aural horror and unease will be released on vinyl by Aurora Borealis Recordings in Autumn 2018.

The one man project of J.R Moore, Black Mountain Transmitter has released several CDrs and tapes, all to great critical acclaim, and the quality of his work speaks volumes. This AB release is the first official release and a reissue of the long sold out and much sought after limited CDr. On describing the recording, Moore said: "The music was certainly very much influenced by that certain breed of 70s horror films. Things like the soundtrack to the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", Giuliano Sorgini's atmospheres in "Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue"; Carl Zittrer's soundscapes in "Deranged", "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things" and "Dead Of Night", and of course people like Fabio Frizzi in Italian horror and the BBCs Radiophonic Workshop's electronic sounds in something like "The Stone Tape" and countless creepy old TV productions..."

An excellent, macabre and somewhat psychedelic release that spans many genres in its 40 minute playing time, Black Goat of the Woods pays perfect homage to the dark denizen of the nocturnal glades, and is a true paean to backwoods horror.


Due to some technical issues with the cut, the vinyl is still in production. We've edited the artwork, based on the original CD release, and the sleeve will be printed on heavy reverse board. The audio was mastered for vinyl in 2018 by James Plotkin, and cut at The Carvery in East London, with the intention of getting the very best out of the vinyl medium. The LP will be pressed on 180g black vinyl and will come with a postcard insert plus download.

Current estimated date is November, we will post more as soon as we have details.