Anji Cheung / Burial Hex - the solstice tape

Anji Cheung / Burial Hex - the solstice tape

21st Dec 2018

We are very proud to unveil our  winter solstice tape, a split between Anji Cheung and Burial Hex.

As darkness gives way to light, so the wheel of the year turns. This time of opposites gives pause for reflection: on the year that's gone before, and hope for the year that lies ahead. Forged in equilibrium, the two sides of the solstice tape unite the opposites and soundtrack this important time of contemplation.

Anji Cheung opens the release with her side-long cycle 'Seven Are The Veils'. 

‘Mystery Howls’ originally called ‘Dreamers of the Rose & the Dew’ (a line taken from Francis Marsden’s forward to ‘The Focus of Life’ by AOS), was recorded at the beginning of 2015 and part of a live set at Raw Power in May of that year. The audio lay dormant until the call for Winter Solstice offerings came from Aurora Borealis and whilst generally speaking I’m not one for looking back, I headed straight to it. It was interesting to hear the words again - there’s synchronicity with ‘Clothed with the Sun’ which was developing at the time and takes inspiration from ‘The Thunder, Perfect Mind’. They were deconstructed and the subsequent larger composition they both inhabit has heavy Yin living inside.

To herald the return of the light, I offer a song of the Moon. There’s only brief equilibrium of dark and light forces, as quickly her cup overfloweth and the falling waves transmute into Yang. In turn, he will expand and flourish until his flame burns luminous black and takes her form in the ashes of June."

 - Anji Cheung, Breguntford, December 2018

Burial Hex also provided a side-long suite, the four movementts closing the proceedings with 'Thaw'.

"This composition celebrates our festival of light on the darkest day of the year, as well as the mysteries and paradoxical emotions experienced during our annual witness to the obliquity of the Earth.

'Thaw' represents the returning of the light, the survival of the flame in the darkness, the sol invictus of the whole holiday. Anji's 'Seven Are The Veils' serves well to represent that darkness, the veiling of daylight. 'Thaw' should be seen to represent the persevering of the light.

Burial Hex continues, currently at 13 years in the making, as a chthonic composition cycle of Post-Industrial musical dowsing."

- Clay Ruby, Wisconsin, December 2018

It was remarkable how both artists responded to the invitation with perfectly matched works, fitting together in harmony and bringing the concept to life better than we'd ever hoped. The two sides really deliver the the turning of the yearly cycle: the descent into the darkness and the ascension of risen light. The artwork and layout were designed to give a sense of dislocation, of neither-neither. Imagery is indistinct, nothing is solid, all is nebulous and trapped between dark and light. We really hope you enjoy the release and treasure it as we do here at Aurora Borealis.

Our profound thanks to both Anji Cheung and Burial Hex for their stunning work and incredibly intuitive collaboration on this project. 

- Andrew Hartwell, Elphin, winter solstice 2018

The tape is available to purchase HERE and as digital HERE