BLACK MOUNTAIN TRANSMITTER 'Black Goat of The Woods' vinyl LP

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180g black vinyl, heavyweight reverse board sleeve. Pulp stock postcard insert. Poly outer sleeve. Limited edition of 300 copies. 

Mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin, 2018. Cut by Frank at The Carvery, London.

Also available on coloured vinyl.

An ode to the Lovecraftian lore of Shub Niggurath, Black Goat of the Woods was conceived as "the soundtrack from some lost low budget horror movie, rediscovered on an old and faded VHS cassette found mouldering in a deserted house in the depths of the woods". 

An excellent, macabre and somewhat psychedelic release that spans many genres in its 40 minute playing time, Black Goat of the Woods pays perfect homage to the dark denizen of the nocturnal glades, and is a true paean to backwoods horror.

Released on CD by Aurora Borealis back in 2010, we're overjoyed to finally see this on vinyl.